Memory Lane

What We Do

Moving & Estate Sales

  • Call or email us to schedule an appointment to look at your property.  We'll discuss which items you want to keep and which items you want to sell.  Keep in mind that we sell everything legal except open food stuffs, animals, and liquor. Please don't throw anything out because you will be surprised at what will sell!

  • We will discuss compensation.  We work on commission, except in rare circumstances where extra cleaning, trash removal, etc., is necessary. Our rate is usually 25-35%  

  • Expert research, appraisals, advertisement, and proper "sprucing up" of what you're selling

  • A few days before your sale, we email our 3000+ buyers, as well as broadcasting on multiple sales sites, describing what they will find in your home to ensure you have the best chance for success

  • Delivery service for larger items

  • Proper disposal and cleaning after the sale 

  • Within 10 days of the end of the sale, we will send you a cashier's check representing your proceeds from the sale, along with a list of donated items, and the prices we were able to sell things for.