​"I, along with all of my friends, love your sales.  You've developed a strong base of dedicated followers, all because of your integrity, your pride in sales, prices and crew.  Trust me, you are simply the best!!!"

-Sharon A

"You guys run the best sale in town. Everything is clean, well-organized, and reasonably priced." 

-Dale & Debbie

"I always come to your sales FIRST! Always high quality and reasonable!"

-Pat C.

"Your sales and your ads are the only one we watch for and read. Thank you!"


"This is by far the most beautiful set up for an estate sale!  A pleasure to shop.

- Marijo W.

"I go to estate sales all over the country. You do a wonderful job (Memory Lane Sales), both displaying and pricing your sales.

-Cathie S.  (Fairfield Glade TN)

"I recently attended one of your sales.  I loved the great photos, and when I finally got into the sale I was impressed with the classy set-up and the excellent prices.  You & your team do a beautiful job"  

-Joyce J

"I want to compliment you on your estate sales. Everything is very clean, organized, and displayed well. It's by far the best sale we've seen this week."


This is the first estate sale we look for each week because the sales are so clean, fair-priced, and organized.  We try never to miss them."

-Joyce R

"Your's is the only estate sale we go to."


"This is the nicest, cleanest, most organized sale we've seen.  Everything is displayed well and the prices are fair."

-Bill F

"We are especially pleased with this estate sale-clean and very orderly.  The prices are great and the personnel are very helpful.  Great job!"

-Sande D

"You run an excellent sale!"

-Marlene (former owner of Marlene's Estate Sales)

"We call you & your sales the "Nordstrom's" of estate sales!"

-Eileen P

"A truly beautiful sale!:


"What a great sale! Friendly! Clean and organized!"

The Twogwamas

"I love you guys!!!"
-Judy D

"I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You for all the referrals you have given us and a special Thank You for taking care of the clients when you have done estate sales for them
-Bea & Tom (Realtor's)

"When I told my friend, a retired Air Force General, that I had chosen Memory Lane to hold my estate sale, he said that I picked the best damn estate sale company in the Valley.  You & your team have been great to work with.  And, I want to thank you again for finding my wife's 3-diamond ring.  We had not seen it in years.  My kids & I are grateful you found and returned it."
-Gil J

"I want to thank you for the work you & your team did to handle our moving sale.  You all worked hard & did the best job possible.  We are extremely pleased with the results and how you left the house (clean as a whistle!)  You have a winning formula for success!"
-Ron K

"Everyone we have talked to says you are the BEST and that is true!  You did a great job presenting the items for sale.  Mom was very impressed also, and we were pleased how you included the information about the house being for sale and contact information for mom's Realtor."

 -Wendy P

"You run a great business!  I appreciate your communications with me during the process and taking care of everything since I could not be there.  My mom was very pleased with the results."

"Every time I get a post of a new sale, I thank God you came into our lives.  It was a huge undertaking and a real act of love on your part to do this sale.  Thank you again for all the good work you did for us and that you do for the community."

"We are thrilled with the check amount!  Just having you do this service for us was fantastic.  And thank you for leaving the place in good shape."
-Kathryn S

"I wanted to thank you for all of your amazing work on Mom's house.  The neighbor said they couldn't believe how much work you had done.  Additionally, thanks for the clean up after the sale.   I'm also making sure the Realtors know how much we appreciated all your help."

"I am thankful for many things, one of which is that we met someone so kind, clear-minded and competent to handle Mom & Dad's estate sale. Thank you."

-David H

"Thank you. Naomi!  Truly appreciate your thoroughness in the efforts to keep everything straight.  Thanks to ALL for making this easier on all of us"

-Becca H

"Thank you and your team for all your hard work.  You made this transition for Dad so much easier!"

-Lori S

"In spite of the heat, you did a great job!  I'm very surprised and happy with the results. Thank you, Naomi!"

-Astra O

"I am very satisfied with how everything went. The thought of doing this task by ourselves was overwhelming, and I believe you provided us with a much needed service.  Thank you for all your hard work; we enjoyed working with you & your family."

-Don B

"Thanks so much!  You have been a big help to us.  It has made life easier and manageable for us.  Your help in obtaining a Realtor was also greatly appreciated."  

-Christine E

"Thank you for the good work you do every day!"

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